• Offering highly focused value investment strategies seeking superior long-term performance.


The Hayes Asset Management Quarterly Newsletter is published on our website as an additional service to our clients. Our goal is to be informative by highlighting investments, trends, market conditions and other related issues in a quick and concise manner.


Decision Making Process:
Our process begins with a database search and daily review of securities that have reached their new low. Should a holding meet our criteria we will then review their SEC filings, company website and then contact the company directly.


Hayes Asset Management’s investment philosophy is based on the understanding that investments are chosen on the basis of value, not popularity (bottom-up, fundamental value investing). Value investing has three fundamental characteristics, as originally...


  • Family Reunion
  • College Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Retirement

Hayes Asset Management, LLC is a private investment advisory firm based in Rochester, New York specializing in services for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations. Hayes Asset Management offers high quality investment advisory services to clients throughout New York and the United States.

The unique value of our service lies in providing four key ingredients for a successful long-term relationship:

  1. Maintaining a highly focused value investing methodology that is tailored to the investment goals of each client.
  2. Protecting our clients’ principal investment from the market’s risks and volatility.
  3. Delivering exemplary personal service.
  4. Seeking superior performance over the long run.

Hayes Asset Management is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).